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"The perfect rock and roll band... absolutely alive with electricity and excitement" - Now Then Magazine

"Back With A Bang" -BBC Radio

"9/10....the finest blue collar heartland rock this side of the Atlantic"-Toast Magazine

"Hurtling from one high octane track to the next...Medicine delivers" -Right Chord Music

"An excellent modern take on traditional heartland rock" -After the Boardwalk

"Exciting..reeling with a high octane sound and pure rock n roll edge" -Pure M Magazine

"Celebrate a devotion to the language of rock n roll...a fine bit of craft" - soundsxp

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"Best Album" - Sheffield Scenester Awards 2012

"A remarkable record" - From Under The Basement (USA)

"Great, great music" - Roots Review (USA)

"One of the very last blue-collared poets" -Americana UK

"A must....a rollercoaster ride through country, rock and R&B" -Counterfeit Magazine

"Damn it's good...8/10" - Toast Magazine

"Another winner...Highly recommended" -TheeSpc

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"A band at the very top of their game" -Nowhere Town

"Album of the year" -SMS Awards 2010

"It kicks ass" 9/10 -Exposed Magazine

"Quite simply stunning...beautiful...quickly addictive...this is the rock n roll album that was always missing from your life" -SMS Magazine

"Magnificent... For anyone with the merest sliver of rock n roll in their soul"- SoundsXP

"Dave Woodcock and the Dead Comedians attack songs of booze, regret and wanderlust with a freewheeling, growling cockiness ...and spit out liberating, working class music that finds Woodcock's bruised and battered lyrics ably matched with a world weary delivery that alternately wallows and uplifts" - Teenage Kicks (USA)

"An album of variety and verve" -Counterfeit Magazine

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